The Workshop of the Future, Looks a lot Like Today

October 31, 2019
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Idem is excited to share the first of a new educational video series with you describing Idem’s key features and functions. 

As most of us in the manufacturing space have experienced, it is a real challenge to access technical information about your tools when your workshop is in full gear. Even more challenging is ensuring consistent efficiency, accuracy, and sharing of that important information across teams.  

There are infinite possibilities that new data can bring to the manufacturing industry, and when you envision the perfect factory of the future you might dream of data buzzing about, sensors attached to every machine and tool, and screens popping up the most important information for our operators to create a smoother, more streamlined workflow.  It’s beautiful. 

You then wake up to the reality of the expense, complexity and time cost to bring this dream to reality. Most systems would require millions of dollars to implement, not to mention the months of planning, purchasing and onboarding that would alienate many midsized workshops.

In reality, the workshop of the future doesn’t have to look differently than your workshop does today.

Introducing Idem

The workshop of the future is Idem’s vision for today. Idem is a tool identification system that provides direct access to a comprehensive knowledge base with technical information from dozens of tool vendors, featuring over 1 million products. 

The best part: Initial setup is quick and easy. More on that in a future video. 

Idem is built for the entire workshop, easy to use for operators and easy to monitor for managers. Two key features include:

Mobile Access for Operators 

Just scan an Idem tag and you have immediate access to information for that specific component. The mobile and tablet application provides usage history, cross-vendor compatibility checks and much more. 

Analytics Dashboard for Managers 

Managers have full administrative control of the tool library, group analytics and more in the MyIdem dashboard. 

Check out our latest video overview of Idem Tool’s mobile application, reader and tags in our new video series below. This video is part of a series that explains the entire Idem System including helpful How To videos and Feature highlights of the system! 

Share this video with your team today and get your dreams back on track.

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