The Idem wireless reader is compact enough to scan tags anytime, anywhere. The reader connects to any smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth Low Energy, and features haptic feedback (it vibrates!) so you can keep your focus.



Our tags use RFID technology to communicate with the reader and work on most metals and machine surfaces. This pea-sized tag is designed for close contact and communicates up to 8mm away from your reader.

The Idem Kit includes everything you need to get started

The glue is extremely durable and hardens in one day

One Idem reader is included in the kit

The glue applicator makes installation clean and simple

The Idem Kit includes 50 individual tags




The Idem app connects your tags to a database with 35+ tool vendors and over 900,000 products. The app includes essential product information such as 3D models, compatibility details, product specifications and custom notes by team members. You can also submit issues through the app to get support.

Limited Time Offer

For a limited time customers who purchase the Idem Kit have access to all the Pro Package features for free, including the MyIdem Dashboard. Offer ends September 2019.

  • Compatibility checks
  • Tool Database
  • Custom products
  • Tool library
  • Reports
  • Groups
  • Location (coming soon)
  • MyIdem

Subscription plans

Idem Demo


    • Identify and track up to 10 products and 5 assemblies
    • Access product data of over 1 Million cutting tools
    • Instant access to item information, documents and comments
    • Share comments and communicate with colleagues
Pro License (per user & month)


    • Everything in the Idem Demo subscription plus...
    • Identify and track an unlimited number of products and assemblies
    • Access to the Idem web offer including the Idem WebApp and MyIdem Dashboard
    • Create teams with colleagues to share groups of products
Pro + Kit


    • Everything in the Idem Pro subscription plus...
    • An Idem Kit containing the Idem Reader, Idem Adhesive, Idem Applicator, 30 Idem Tags and 20 Idem Stickers
    • Everything you need to get started in your shop
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  • Idem Demo

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  • Pro + Kit

    15,00318,00 Visualizza prodotti
  • Pro License (per user & month)

    15,00 A monthly subscription for access to the Idem Pro version including creating unlimited products and assemblies, the Idem web offer and creation of custom teams to share products between colleaguesAggiungi al carrello
  • Sleeve of 10 Stickers

    35,40 Ideal for tracking items across your shop, the Idem Sticker is perfect for items that are not exposed to the harsh environment inside a CNC machineAggiungi al carrello
  • Idem Kit

    318,00 All the hardware you need to get started with Idem including the Idem Reader, Idem Adhesive, Idem Applicator, 30 Idem Tags and 20 Idem StickersAggiungi al carrello
  • Reader

    177,00 Used to scan Idem Tags and Stickers the Idem Reader is robust yet lightweight and is easily attached to your shirt or carried in your pocket so you always have it to hand.Aggiungi al carrello
  • Box of 10 tags

    35,40 Ideal for tracking items that experience the harsh conditions within a CNC machine, the Idem Tag is small but perectly formed to track all your cutting toolsAggiungi al carrello
  • Applicator

    22,10 The Idem Applicator is used to make it easier to apply glue to your Idem Tags and then to attach them to your cutting toolsAggiungi al carrello
  • Glue

    4,41 The Idem Glue is the ideal adhesive to attach your Idem Tags to your cutting tools. Allow 24 hours after application for complete curing of the glueAggiungi al carrello