Industry 4.0 Technology In Your Pocket

January 27, 2020

Talk to your tools

The Idem system can recognize every tagged tool in your workshop. Within seconds you can access
product data, compatibility checks and online support – right in the mobile app.

The Reader

Our wireless reader is compact enough to scan tags everywhere anytime.

The Tag

After having mounted and matched the pea-sized RFID tag you will have instant access to a product database with data from all major vendors.

The App

The app provides information about tagged tools and access to various tool optimization services.

Download the Idem App

Have a preview of the interface

Build the future

The Idem team comes with decades of experience in CNC machining for some of the world’s leading
factories. We bring that knowledge and expertise to our community in partnership with a wide variety of products and manufacturers. Let’s bring the Industry 4.0 dream to life, today.

Old problems need new solutions

Manufacturing plants, workshops, and construction yards are challenged with storing and
organizing hundreds of thousands of tools for any given job at any time. This high mix and low
volume operation lead to complex tool combinations which require extra time to prepare and
fix if things go wrong on site or with a customer’s job.

As engineers ourselves, we designed the system our customers needed to provide an extra layer of confidence and convenience. The first version is available for select customers and we will iterate, test, and add new features scheduled to come online in 2019.

How it works, technically.

Idem uses RFID technology to identify tagged tools. The tags, when scanned by the reader, connect to our database of over 35,000 products and show you all the
information you need right in the smartphone app. This close-range system helps users to optimize production through tool traceability, reduce cost and time, improve existing processes, and track quality assurance by reducing errors.

Tracking tools with RFID starts with adhering RFID tags to each utensil. This
maintains tools and minimize loss and replacement. Once each tool is tagged and the application is installed, you are ready to monitor inventory rooms, tool cribs, and machines.

Getting started

1. Find correct position

Find a safe spot on your tool where the top of the tag can not come in contact with the machine or the processed materials.

2. Prepare the tool

Wipe down the surface of your tool thoroughly with a clean textile cloth and detergent (alcohol or solvent) to remove all oil and dust.

3. Apply the Tag

When the surface is dry, press the tag firmly with your fingers on the tool.

4. Be patient

Wait a 2-3 days before using the tool to ensure optimal curing of the tag.

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