A Better Conversation Between Tools & Teams

December 15, 2019
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Idem product development research has spanned across all kinds of shops, everything from small and medium High Mix Low Volume (HMLV) shops in California, USA, all the way up to full scale production lines with our partners at Seco Tools in Bourges, France. 

Each visit had a repeating theme: The tools work great. The machines are up to date, and sometimes brand new. So what are operators asking for?

Like most problems in life, or business, both the problem and the solution lie in communication.

Common Questions

The communication layer between machines and teams becomes fragmented over time and begins to fray with with each new customer job, shift change, or employee turn over.

The result becomes on-the-floor questions like:

“Where did you leave that tool?”

“When was the last time inserts were changed on the Haas job?”

“What is the best tool assembly for the new job that came in last week?” 

This precious information is too often stored only in an individual’s memory, right between their last safety check and what’s for lunch. This information is too valuable to isolate, though, and can be the difference between meeting or failing to meet a deadline. 

Improving Communication

The cognitive load for everyone in manufacturing is increasing every day. This is why we created Idem – to store this vital information in a digital way, so that you don’t have to just rely on the alternative: storing it in your team’s memory. 

Check out our latest video to see a view of the larger picture. 

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