What is Idem? Francuski

Idem is a hardware and software solution that connects CNC components, tools and more to a massive, vendor-agnostic database of detailed product information. SHOP

If These Tools Could Talk

What would they say? Manufacturers have hundreds or thousands of high value tools with essential information trapped on paper. Idem is a digital hub at the center of your tool and information ecosystem, creating a bridge between tools, vendors, compatibility information, support, and employee workflows.

Easy Installation

Tags can be applied to any object using our automotive-strength glue.

Scan tags anytime with the hand-held reader to see product information on your smartphone or tablet.

Get Help

Simply scan a tool to access support, or even contact the vendor directly via the app.

Check Compatibility

Instantly confirm that inserts, holders and components are compatible.

Unlimited Possibilities

Tool identification is a great place to start, but the system is flexible to meet the unique needs of any manufacturing operation.